Starved Rock State Park to host the annual Eagle Watch Weekend !

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Starved Rock State Park to host the annual Eagle Watch Weekend at Illinois Waterway Center
Jan. 22, 2011 – Jan. 23, 2011, 9am – 5pm

The Illinois Raptor Center will be hosting this Birds of Prey/Raptor Awareness Event. Come view the eagles plus enjoy children’s activities such as face painting and make & take Suet Bird Feeder. Presentations at Noon, 2pm and 4pm. This event is free to the public but tickets are required to enter. Illinois Waterway Visitors Center will have extra spotting scopes and binoculars available for loan out. Free, but seating is limited.

These amazing majestic birds come home to Starved Rock Country every year but they do not stay for long. These beautiful creatures hold a special place in our hearts because of what they represent so be sure to come see for yourself a living part of your American heritage.

Bald Eagle Facts

Our American Bald Eagle stands up 3 feet tall with a wingspan of 7-8 feet. Although male and female eagles share the same plumage, females, as in most birds of prey, are somewhat larger than males. The adult birds are characterized by their white head and yellow beak and eyes, Immature birds have brownish plumage with varying degrees of white “blotching”. This striking raptor has large, pale eyes; a powerful yellow beak; and great, black talons. The distinctive white head and tail feathers appear only after the bird is 4 to 5 years old.

Bald eagles are believed to live 30 years or longer in the wild, and even longer in captivity. They mate for life and build huge nests in the tops of large trees near rivers, lakes, marshes, or other wetland areas.

Although bald eagles may range over great distances, they usually return to nest within 100 miles of where they were raised.

Bald Eagles are found only in North America most of the birds seen wintering along the majestic Illinois River. They will start their journey back to their breeding grounds by mid-March and return once again to the Illinois River Valley by late October to early November. We are very lucky to share our beautiful home with this amazing creature.

Starved Rock Country is a sight to behold this time of year. Be sure to mark your calendars for this annual winter adventure that you will never forget.

Please remember that bald eagles are protected by law and should not be disturbed. Please keep your distance and do not cause an Eagle to fly from its perch.

“Life is an Adventure… Live it Here!”

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