Searching for a Perfect Cup of Joe!

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As the seasons begin to change and the temperature starts to drop, finding that perfect cup of Joe becomes even more important.
Jeremiah Joe’s is Ottawa’s finest coffee shop and it’s located right in the middle of Downtown Ottawa. The glass front shop allows you to sit indoors and still watch the pace of the city.  Surround yourself with the aroma of the great coffee while reading a book, talking with friends, or surfing the net using their free WiFi. Order a cup of your favorite brew with all the extras and take it outdoors to enjoy the covered patio and maybe just people watch.

Jeremiah Joe’s is more than just a unique coffee shop, they offer  special events such as local artists and musicians performing in this downtown culturally diverse setting.


You may come to Jeremiah Joe’s  in search of the perfect cup of coffee but you will leave with a different perspective of our great town.
So while you are downtown this weekend stop by Jeremiah Joe’s for a fresh cup of warm, delicious, aromatic coffee.  On a crisp cool autumn day, what could be better.

“Life is an Adventure… Live it Here!”

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