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Heritage   Thursday, May 28, 2009Volume 4

From the Holding Tank

In order to keep the marina free of excess oil, thus protecting the exterior of guest’s boats, I recommend that everyone lay absorbent pads in their boat’s bilge. Oil is absorbed into the pad, keeping water pumped into the harbor free of toxins. I’ve ordered biodegradable pads and rolled “booms” and they should be in the Ship’s Store by the weekend. Also, a cup of bilge cleaner sprinkled in the bottom of the bilge helps keep oil emulsified and separated from excess water.

Mark Pentecost


This Weekend at HHO


Crawdad’s Bar & Grill

11:00 Lunch/Dinner Menu


Kid’s Crew Club

9:00 – Noon Planned Activities

5:00 – 9:00 Planned Activities

Marina Blessing

9:30 – 10:00 Crawdad’s Open

(Mimosas and Bloody Marys available)

10:00 – 10:30 Marina Blessing

Crawdad’s Bar & Grill

11:00 Lunch/Dinner Menu

7:00 – 11:00 Chris Gelbuda playing a variety of Classic Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and his own version of Americana Folk


Kid’s Crew Club

9:00 – Noon Planned Activities

Crawdad’s Bar & Grill

9:00 – 11:00 Breakfast Menu

11:00 Lunch/Dinner Menu

Lexi teaches HHO kids a childhood favorite card game!!

Kid’s Crew Club

The kids at HHO went back to basics this past weekend and spent time playing games such as kickball, twister, and even taking a nature hike. Just a reminders for parents, guests should remain on HHO property while their children visit Crew Club.

Courtesy Charge System

For the convenience of our HHO guests, a courtesy charge system is now available. In order to activate system, guests must fill out authorization form located in the Marina Office.


* All empty boat trailers must be stored in the south parking lot. Please do not block other boats.

* Remember to return dock carts to station after use.

* In order to reserve a hydro bike, please call or see a staff memeber at the Marina Office. Guests must provide and wear life jackets.

* Lost & Found is located in the Marina Office

New Staff Members

Kid’s Crew Club

Lexi Johnson

OHS Graduate. Psychology major at U of I.

Trevor Behrens

OHS Graduate. Radiology program at IVCC

Marina Dock Hands

Shawn Resendez

MHS Graduate. History major at U of I.

Daniel Enright

OHS Graduate. Engineering major at U of I.

Crawdad’s Bar & Grill



Blackened Prime Ribeye Steak Sandwich w/side $9


Come see Tracy for a taste of her new ‘Island” drinks!

Friday Weather

82 High

57 Low

Saturday Weather

82 High

57 Low

Sunday Weather

82 High

65 Low

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