From the Harbormaster: Welcome to summer!

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harbormasterI know it has been a long, wet spring, and I think that we are all a bit worn out with the “drought relief” that Mother Nature has supplied us with. Well, I’ve had enough- it IS boating season, and it is time to get back to fun on the water! The pool will be open in just a few more days, boats are moving and shaking, and gosh, the river is just beautiful out there…

So, since it is boating season, I want to make sure that you are aware of a few things to help you make the most of what we have to offer:

  • On the weekends, chances are that a Dock hand will meet you in the parking lot when you arrive to assist with the logistics of getting your “boatload” down to dock level. If you need a hand, and you don’t see that red shirt and smiling face show up right away, please give us a ring so we can help you out!
  • Need a bag of ice, or something else from the office? Give us a call on the phone, or hail Heritage Harbor on channel 16, and we will deliver it to you at your slip. The dock hands have shiny new bikes and are radio dispatched, so you can stay dockside and continue to enjoy your day!
  • The dockhands are being trained to safely and effectively help land a boat in its slip- they will be glad to grab a line and help get you home if they see you coming in. To make sure that we are ready to assist you, please give the office a call, or hail us on the marine radio five to ten minutes before you arrive, so we can put down what we are doing to help you!
  • The shower houses are being spruced up a bit, and you will soon find dispensers in each shower that will be stocked with Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as wall mounted hair dryers and amenity baskets- just to make you feel a little more at home while you’re here!
  • Don’t want to worry about buying ice? We have a $50 punch card available. Each card will get you 10 big bags and 10 little bags of ice (that’s 300 lbs of ice!) That should help get you through a bunch of sunny days!
  • If you have more folks coming to spend the weekend than your boat has room for, check in with Leticia at the Marina Office about the Cottages at Heron’s Landing. These great spaces are available for rental, and can host 2-8 guests. It’s a great stay just a “Stone’s Throw” away from the docks!
  • Lastly, we discovered on the IDNR website that they are no longer mailing renewal reminders as they have done in the past. And as of this month they have made it possible to renew online (see link). So if you know your sticker is expired please be aware you will not be getting a reminder it will be up to you to renew.

I am so happy that I decided to make Heritage Harbor my new home. There are new and good things happening all the time, I’m meeting great people and you just can’t beat the view! The entire team here; Heritage Harbor, Quest Motorsports and Tracy’s Boat House are chomping at the bit to make sure that you can wring every bit of fun out of your summer- Let’s GO BOATING!!!

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