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So, it’s the end of boating season, and I find myself reflecting back on the good times that were had at Heritage Harbor this year. I have been so happy to be here and share it with all of you, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the warm welcome that I received! (I know, next year the honeymoon is over!). Honestly, starting over in a new place is never easy, and the support and friendliness that you all showed me was priceless during the transition. The smiles on the docks, the fun conversations…just getting to know you guys has been a real treat! I’m looking forward to continuing getting to know you all better, and we should all have a great time making new acquaintances as more folks discover Heritage Harbor!

I also hope that you will join me in thanking the Marina Staff for a great season. Almost all of the dockhands were first-year employees, and for all but a couple of them, it was their first job ever. I think they stepped up and performed very well, and look forward to welcoming them back next season!

As the boats come out, I want to remind you all that you don’t want to leave things unsecured on the docks. Hoses and cords should be put away or taken out for the season. The winter weather is not kind to those types of things, and they might blow away, be damaged or lost, and we can’t be responsible for what old man winter does!

So, all of this end-of-season stuff sounds pretty bleak- but we are looking forward to doing something exciting this winter, by having an outdoor ice rink at the Harbor! If Mother Nature won’t let us play with the boats, we’ll have fun playing on the ice! We’re going to make the rink as big as we can, but you’ll need your own skates! Look for updates on this soon- we expect to have ice from mid-December through mid February. Get ready to grab the kids, lace up the skates and come on out. I haven’t skated in over 20 years, so if nothing else, come out and watch me fall down a lot!


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