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Well guys, the leaves are starting to turn, and that means that some of the best boating of the season is yet to come! While the cooler temperatures of fall do not lend themselves to weekends of splashing around at Bob’s beach, there is still plenty of great time on the water left! The mild temperatures make it so nice to sit out in the evening, (especially around the warm crackle of a campfire) and the views up and down the river will just get more gorgeous over the next couple of weeks. This is the time of year to take that day-long cruise, without having to rely too heavily on the air conditioning, and go visit your favorite stops along the river. As we get to the end of the month, keep your eye out for bald eagles! I saw my first one of the season this past weekend, although I’m certain he was an early bird!

In order to help you cope with the cooler weather, we are getting out our “fall line” of clothing- there are some really great new sweatshirts, jackets and other things arriving daily, and the gals will certainly get a kick out of the new items with “bling”! Several pieces in the new line will also be customizable through a local shop, so that you can get your boat name or other fun stuff added, so come on up and check out the new goodies!

Extending the boating season into cool weather is always great, but I did want to take a minute to give you guys and gals a few safety reminders:

  • First, dress for the temperature of the water, not the air temperature. Standing on shore, you may be perfectly comfortable, but once you get the wind going and maybe a few splashes, it can get cold pretty fast!
  • Always check and double-check the weather before you go out. Fall is a beautiful time of year, but the weather can be a little unstable, and no one likes to get caught out in a storm!
  • Make sure that someone knows your float plan and will check on you and call for help if you are overdue!
  • There are fewer boaters out on the water in the fall- make sure that you check all of your systems before you go out, and make sure that your VHF radio is functioning properly. Cell phones get really great signal around here, but they don’t work well if they get wet! Also, make sure that your anchor is rigged properly, just in case!
  • Avoid going out alone. If you do have to boat alone, make sure you wear your life jacket! Remember, cold water saps body heat 25 times faster than cold air does.
  • Carry a change of clothes aboard- just in case you get wet. It is pretty easy to use a blanket to warm a passenger, but piloting a boat with a “snuggie” on could be pretty challenging!

School is in, and work is work, but wouldn’t you rather be boating?


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