From the Harbor Master

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Please check for lost items in the Marina office lost and found. We have lots of pool items! A few other reminders:

  • Please do not just flip cigarette butts in the grass! Also, make sure butts are snuffed out!
  • Be sure the kids have shoes on; I helped some that were caught on the docks crying because of the heat.
  • The pool is crowded–large inflatable rafts are not allowed.
  • There is a lot more paddle sport activity in the harbor–please note it is the law to wear an appropriate PFD.
  • Our fuel supplier is no longer able to supply us with pure unleaded fuel. The last fill up had 9- 10% Ethanol in it. I am working to have ValvTect added or find an alternative solution. We do have Startron additive in stock that will curb any storage issues.
  • The Ethanol issue will not go away as the government has just passed allowing 15% Ethanol in the future.
  • The fuel is cheaper now $4.49 per gallon, but additive is recommended.

I will be out this week so have a great weekend and be safe. See you for the fishing derby!

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