From the Harbor Master

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Hope to see everyone out for what looks to be a good Fathers day weekend.

40% chance of showers on Sunday temps in the mid 90’S

  • With the lack of rain in our area the river continues to drop–so be careful.
  • Gas price was lowered to $4.89; not much, but every little bit helps.
  • Please come to the office this weekend and meet Leticia Becerra our new Guest services manager!
  • The marina parking lot will be expanded soon to the markers in the grass field. If you take a look as you come in this weekend, you will see the lot will double in size.
  • Please do not park vehicles with trailers in the “no trailers” area or the main marina lot. All trailers must be parked in the big lower lot and removed when you leave.

Please have fun at the harbor this weekend and BE SAFE.

Nautical note: FUDGING is the act of deceiving by adjusting in a careless manner. In the 1790’s it was written of a Captain FUDGE who would tell lies about his recent voyages-so the sailors would say he was “fudging it”.