Boat & Breakfast at Heritage Harbor Ottawa (Click Boat & Breakfast to the right for our available boats)

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Now here’s a unique idea!  Modeled after the popular bed and breakfast inn concept that is found world wide, Heritage Harbor’s inns are boats.

Floating bed and breakfasts are a unique alternative to a regular bed and breakfast.  It’s a great way for couples and families to experience the fun of spending a night or two aboard a beautiful boat.  Guests are only a few steps away from Crawdad’s Bar and Grill for dinner, and they don’t need to leave their boat for breakfast in the morning because we’ll serve it on deck.

Heritage Harbor recently started brokering boats and felt that putting these boats in our marina was a win-win-win.  It gives boat owners that are selling their boats a great way to display them, allows prospective purchasers the ability to get to know the boat, and provides Heritage Harbor with a place for people spend more time in the resort.  What better way is there to experience a boat before you buy it than to spend a night or two on board in a beautiful marina?

The boats, which remain dockside, will range in size from just under 30 feet to more than 50 feet in length and will accommodate between 2 and 6 people.   We’ve had a lot of interest from our marina guests who want to invite friends to spend a weekend with them at Heritage Harbor, but don’t want them to have to drive home late on a Saturday night.  Boat and Breakfast gives their friends the ability to stay right in the marina.  We also expect our boats to be used by people visiting the Ottawa, IL and Starved Rock area, and by people considering the purchase of a home on Heritage Harbor’s West Peninsula.

All of the boats in Heritage Harbor’s program feature air conditioning, a coffee maker with coffee from LaSalle Street Coffee Roasting Company, and free Wi-Fi.  The boats also have private bathroom facilities and showers.  On deck, guests will find deck chairs and/or sun cushions to enjoy the sun and warm weather. 

Heritage Harbor is a very special place.  When sitting on the top deck of one of these gorgeous boats, our guests can catch their breath and enjoy a sunset view that will take it away all over again.